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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I ran out of stickers?
    Please contact your local Saskatchewan Royal Purple Association contact.
  2. Who is my local contact?
    Your local Saskatchewan Royal Purple Association contact can be found on the back of the BrainLove Brochure or Business Instruction Card. If the back of those items is blank, please contact the local SRPA Lodge, or the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association at 1.888.373.1555.
  3. When will the final donation be collected?
    The final donation will be collected on April 1.
  4. I will not be able to provide the donation on April 1?
    Be sure to let your local SRPA contact know that the cheque is not ready, but please provide them with the final amount. Please have the cheque mailed to the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association:
    PO Box 3843
    Regina, SK S4P 3R8
  5. Who should the final cheque be made out to?
    The final cheque should be made out to the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association. Please provide a cheque where possible, and avoid providing cash.