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3D Technology Can Guide Brain Injury Treatment

posted by SK Brain Injury    |   June 14, 2011 09:32

Scientists are hoping that they can better understand the consequences of brain injury through loss of consciousness using 3D technology.

A 3D movie formed using sophisticated imaging equipment by researchers at Manchester University appears to show that loss of consciousness is caused by a change in electrical activity.

Lead researcher Brian Pollard, who presented findings to the European Anaesthesiology Congress in Amsterdam, suggested that it is caused by a change in activity among a group of cells which hinder communication between different parts of the brain.

He suggests that this functions more like a dimmer switch than a simple 'on-off'.

"We have been able to see a real time loss of consciousness in anatomically distinct regions of the brain for the first time," said Professor Pollard. "We are currently working on trying to interpret the changes that we have observed. We still do not know exactly what happens."

The findings and subsequent interpretations could be used to guide future treatment of brain injuries in emergency situations.

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