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Letter to the Editor - Expand Program

posted by SK Brain Injury    |   September 27, 2011 23:10

Could you manage on $26 a day? What kind of life would you have if you had to live on less than $800 a month?

If you had to make the choice between your medication and food, which would you choose?

Unfortunately, such decisions are routine for many Saskatchewan people with disabilities, who live in poverty. A disability of any kind can eliminate or reduce a person's capacity to work, and for this reason people with disabilities often require financial support from government.

They struggle daily with the barriers imposed by their disability, and poverty is an added obstacle they should not need to face.

The Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability program is operated independently of social assistance, and is responsive to the unique needs of people with disabilities. With SAID, people with disabilities do not need to reconfirm their disability every year, and they are free from the stigma of receiving welfare.

In the past few years, the government has taken huge steps to help people with disabilities. I hope this trend will continue, because there are so many people waiting to be enrolled in the program.

Those on SAID continue to wait for the program to be fully developed, and their level of income to further increase.

With a spirit of co-operation and respect, I encourage the government to expand the reach of the SAID program by enrolling a greater number of eligible recipients and to increase benefit rates for everyone who will be enrolled.

By: Judy Hannah of SACL

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