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Former Soccer Player, Taylor Twellman Retires due to Concussions

posted by SK Brain Injury    |   November 1, 2011 11:43

Taylor Twellman spoke at a conference focusing on brain trauma and concussions on Oct. 28. The former New England Revolution forward retired from MLS in 2010 because of concussions. At the conference, Twellman pointed out that education about this injury was still lacking and needed to improve. Although he left the impression that the Revolution ignored his problem, he explained this further on his official Twitter account.


Concussion Problems

Taylor Twellman suffered from multiple concussions during his MLS career. At the press conference for his retirement in 2010, he stated, "I hate the fact that my career has ended on a brain injury." However, he added that he viewed this as an opportunity to educate others about concussions and raise awareness.

Twellman's retirement has not stopped his complete participation in the sport. He is involved with a player program with youth camps, prep camps and recruiting programs. He has also created THINK TAYLOR to help athletes with brain injuries.

Response on Twitter

Twellman's comments at the Oct. 28 conference have drawn a strong response. He has been accused by fans of blaming the New England Revolution for ignoring his injury. Taylor Twellman has responded on his official Twitter account by stating that the team did not ignore his concussion. He also pointed out, "I am not in the business of finger pointing and never will be regarding my #concussion." He emphasized that the point of the Oct. 28 conference was education, and this was his only goal.

Concussions in the MLS

Players continue to struggle with concussions in the MLS. Jimmy Conrad was forced to retire from Chivas USA in 2011 because of a concussion. The Sounders FC goalie Terry Boss was put on the injury list as "disabled" in Oct. 2011 because of a large number of concussions. Chicago Fire captain Logan Pause suffered from a concussion in June 2011 and missed several games. Former Chicago Fire forward Calen Carr suffered from concussions for a long period of time with the team.

I think education about brain injuries is a necessity for both athletes and trainers. Unfortunately, symptoms are sometimes ignored, and athletes continue competing with the injuries. Taylor Twellman has decided to be an advocate for MLS players who suffer from brain trauma.



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