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Brain Injury & Sports: A concussion is a brain injury
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Take Brain Injury Out of Play is a prevention program aimed at athletes, coaches, and parents in all sports at all levels. The purpose is to raise awareness about concussions, and how to prevent them.

A recent study at McGill University indicated that 2 of the key factors behind serious and/or repeated concussions was a lack of awareness about brain injury as well as a lack of respect during play. Take Brain Injury Out of Play directly addresses those issues by asking both players and leaders to make a conscious and public choice to address the issue through the signing of our pledge to take brain injury out of their own/team’s play.

Your Brain is MORE Important than the Game!

As part of this program we are asking coaches, athletes, and players to Take the Pledge, and help us raise awareness and prevent future concussions in all levels of sport!

Please visit How to Get Involved to learn more about the pledge, and how you can help raise awareness!

For the more information about Gordon Bloom and his research click here